Twisted Desires: The Intense Bond Between Master, Apprentice, and Lust


Master Figata and I have played a key role in the education of young Apprentice Land. When a Boy has worked as hard as he has, and has turned into such a fine young man, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of great pride. One of the last rituals an Apprentice must experience during his training is “The Covenant.” It’s a deeply spiritual rite which often brings together in a boy’s mind a number of thoughts which were once entirely unlinked. Many have likened it to the experience of seeing the light–a sudden understanding of the world and their position within it. The Boy is dressed in a billowing white robe made from yards of gossamer pleated fabric which barely protects his modesty. He’s then expected to crawl into the sacred space. It is, of course, an act of total submission, but his training has taught him to act without feeling any sense of humiliation. Apprentice Land crawled into the ceremonial room on his knuckles. He was plainly nervous, but he had a clear understanding of what was required of him, delicately removing my socks and washing my feet with an erotic precision which sent shivers down my spine. I instructed him to stand, before removing his robe with the merest flick of my wrist. I then turned him away from me and sensually ran my fingers down the soft, smooth skin of his back. I took off my jacket and turned the boy to face me once again. He became solid the moment I reached out and grasped his dick in the palm of my hand, and then, as I unbuckled my belt and let my pants drop to the floor, he dutifully fell to his knees and immediately began to service my rapidly stiffening penis. By the time I’d removed my shirt, I was as hard as concrete. The Boy has certainly learned a number of impressive cock-sucking tricks since his arrival here. He now fully understands how to pleasure his Master with his mouth and has realized, without needing to be told, that this particular Master’s big-daddy nipples are 100% wired to his dick. The harder he twists, the harder I get. I glanced over at Master Figata who was watching from the corner of the room. He shot me a subtle smile which suggested he was very much enjoying the floor show. I sat down on the bed and the Apprentice knelt between my legs, sucking me like his young life depended on it, sweat running down his forehead, long, hungry strings of saliva streaming uncontrollably from his mouth as he choked on my big dick. I pushed him onto the bed and positioned him with his round, peachy ass up in the air before getting my mouth to work on his hole. He groaned and shivered as my tongue flickered and danced between his butt cheeks and my beard tickled the tender skin underneath his balls. I could sense he was opening up for me and the realization drove me entirely wild. I needed to fuck him. Master Figata, sensing this carnal need, stepped forward and pulled The Boy’s legs back towards his head. Seconds later, I had my dick right up inside Apprentice Land’s profoundly tight little ass. I was soon pounding the groaning Apprentice deep, hard and oh-so-raw. His cock was rock-hard throughout and the sight of Master Figata’s warm crotch squatting over The Boy’s head was a thing of surprisingly great beauty. I pumped and banged, alternating the pace of my salacious strokes to keep The Boy on his toes. Every little grunt and moan he uttered involuntarily sent me a fraction closer towards orgasm. He rolled over onto his stomach and I pulled him up onto all fours and continued to fuck him with long, powerful strokes. Master Figata tenderly took the boy’s face in his hand and pulled him towards his lips, kissing him passionately. The Boy stared at him, so trustingly and with such intimacy as I tore into his hole in a frenzy of lust. The time had come. I pulled out and sprayed my thick load all over the Apprentice before slamming myself back inside again as the semen was still flying out of me. Master Figata and I stood simultaneously and left The Boy to clean himself up. But, I just knew, from the look on my fellow Master’s face that he felt a sense of unfinished business which would need to be resolved before long…

Date: April 14, 2024

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