Master Snow initiates apprentice Land to anal


Master Snow used to scare me. He always seemed so stern and aloof, like he literally didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone. That said, he’s also one of those men you almost feel before you see. That sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? He’s got a sort of presence, an aura, which draws in everything around him. This might partially be a result of him always being so impeccably styled. Master Snow is certainly a man who knows how to wear a suit. His ties are immaculately knotted and everything he wears seems to fit him like a glove. I’ve often found myself staring at him and wondering what kind of body lies underneath those expensively-tailored layers of clothing. I’ve always rather hoped he looks as good naked as he does fully-dressed. By the time I entered his office, I’d become a bag of nerves. He was sitting at a giant desk and barely glanced at me as he told me to sit down. Then, he spent what felt like forever looking through my notes. Man, I’d love to see what’s written there. There’s pages and pages of them and I’ve only been here a few months. What do they know about me? What have they worked out? By the time he spoke, I didn’t know if I was coming or going. The only thing I was able to take in was how resonant and low his voice was. It’s basically the sort of voice which could hypnotize someone. He asked if I still believed that I was not attracted to men. I didn’t know what to say. After my experience with Master Weston, it would have been untruthful of me to suggest that I hadn’t at least given the question a heck of a lot of thought. The trouble was that I still hadn’t found an answer. Was my experience with Weston so overwhelming because he was a man, or because of what he was doing to me? Would the alternative have been far more exciting? To be honest, I’ve been in turmoil ever since it happened, trying to work my way through the jumbled tumble of emotions which were unleashed by the encounter. So, in short, when the question was asked, I said I still felt I wasn’t attracted to men. Master Snow then told me to drink liquid from an ornate glass cup. It was so cold and refreshing; It felt like I’d dipped my head into a mountain stream. Then he instructed me to stand up and remove my clothes. It took a while for the somewhat eccentric command to sink in, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned since joining the order, it’s that you should never question a Master’s demands. So, I got to my feet and did as requested. It felt a little humiliating to be undressing in front of him. The more I removed the more vulnerable I felt. But, at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a little aroused, particularly when the Master stood up and started to run his hands gently over my body. Up close, he smelt so good. It was like an expensive fusion of tobacco and leather and it made me feel giddy. The experience of being touched so sensually, and by such a stunningly handsome man, made me tremble. I fought really hard to remain un-erect, but the more he touched me, the more I realized I was losing the battle. In the end, I simply closed my eyes and allowed the waves of desire to roll up and down my body. If he’d have asked me whether I was attracted to men at that moment, I would undoubtedly have said yes. He told me to climb onto the desk. While on all fours, he continued to touch every part of my body. Nothing he did seemed rushed—It felt like everything was being drawn out to raise my sense of extreme anticipation. He slowly pulled my garments down and placed his warm hands on my ass cheeks before removing his suit jacket, which he flung casually onto a chair. Seconds later, I felt his face pressing against my butt. His stubbly beard was ticklish to begin with, but as he started to kiss me down there and wriggle his tongue against my hole, I felt an all-encompassing rush of intense sexual energy tightening within me. I wondered if he was going to push the same object into my hole that Master Weston had used on me, but then I suddenly started to think that he might be planning to push his penis in there instead. The thought of losing my virginity right there and then utterly blew my mind. It felt as wrong as it felt right. I’m not prudish. I don’t believe that sex can only happen inside the sanctity of marriage, but I had always felt that it ought to happen within the context of a loving relationship. But then again, the idea of Master Snow taking me for no other reason than that he wanted to feels incredibly erotic. He told me to lean over the desk with my feet on the floor and then stood behind me. I could hear him removing his clothes. First, his shirt, and then his pants. I held my breath and tried to, somewhat unsuccessfully, stop myself from shaking. Then I felt the tip of his penis running over my crack and instantly knew that he was going to penetrate me. My entire body tensed up. I told myself again and again to relax, but the more he teasingly rubbed his dick over my cheeks and against my hole, the more I found myself panicking. Then it happened. I felt the head of his dick pressing hard against my hole, and then, so slowly, it started to creep into me. The sensation made my eyes water. It wasn’t that it was painful. It was more that it was intense. Every part of my body went cold, then hot, then shivery, then prickly. I could feel his dick so deep inside me—deeper than I thought anything could ever get—and the sensation was insane. As he started to thrust in and out of me, I felt my body relaxing a little, and the waves of rapture instantly started to reoccur. I was helpless to do anything other than moan and groan, trying to imagine the look on Master Snow’s face. Was it a loving look? Was it a look of indifference? A look of deep sexual satisfaction? He went harder and faster and beads of sweat started forming all over my body. Moments later, I found myself gasping for breath. He was literally pounding the air out of me. He pulled out and pushed me onto my back so that I could finally look into his eyes and try to work out what was going through his head. I wanted to feel like I was special, like he didn’t do this sort of thing with the other apprentices, but deep down, I felt sure that this was merely a ritual which everyone in The Order is subjected to at some point. He pulled his garment shirt half off and I was blown away by how beautifully ripped his body is. He started pounding me with an intensity I didn’t know existed. His dick slammed in and out with such force that I entirely lost control of my body. I realized that he was going to cum, and that this was going to happen inside me. He grunted deeply. I felt the streams of semen exploding out of his cock. He withdrew, and I felt the cum dripping out of me. I didn’t know if I should try to keep it inside. Perhaps I’d get into trouble if it made a mess on the carpet. But then he kissed me so tenderly that all of my worries disappeared. Even if I wasn’t attracted to men in general, I was certainly attracted to Master Snow.

Date: August 21, 2023

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