Grandmaster Legrand gives apprentice his first rites and stretches the boy’s tiny hole


My apprenticeship with the Brotherhood hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I’ve often found myself feeling bewildered, frustrated, lonely or completely out of my depth. On many occasions, I’d considered throwing in the towel. But joining the Brotherhood proved to be something that was really important to me. I’d put so much in now, I couldn’t just leave. Accepting I was attracted to men went against everything that I was raised to accept. Here at the Brotherhood, I’ve been monitored and mentored by very great men. Men I became desperate to please and, latterly, men I became desperate to be with. Through the long months, they’ve taught me to accept who I am and embrace my position in the order of things, understanding my potential while accepting my limitations. I’ve been loved, punished, neglected, and revered. No part of my body has been ignored. I’ve been the focus of mystical rituals and have experienced such carnal pleasure that my body has shaken uncontrollably for days afterwards… There is, however, one individual among the highest ranking members of the Brotherhood who’s always kept his distance. Even after I was fully initiated, Grandmaster Legrand remained completely aloof, barely acknowledging my presence when we passed in the dark corridors. Despite this, I’ve always found him utterly magnetic – almost as though we were lovers in a previous life. I’ve longed for him to share his wisdom with me. I’ve longed to serve him. To give myself entirely to him… One day, I was summoned to his spooky, candlelit office. I was told to dress formally in suit and tie and make sure I was cleansed both inside and out. It took a while for my eyes to become accustomed to the dark, but I eventually saw a tall figure standing in the corner of the room which I knew was him. On closer inspection, I realized he was wearing a white, ceremonial mask with some sort of bird’s beak. I walked towards him, heart pounding uneasily in my ears. He suddenly reached out and grabbed me quite roughly, spinning me around before pushing his ring-covered fingers down the front of my pants. Grandmaster Legrand exudes raw power. He possesses a mind-boggling combination of mental and physical potency which made me feel utterly helpless. For a start, he’s well over a foot taller than me, but there was something about the way that he looked at me that was hypnotic. As his hands ran assertively up and down my body, I realized my entire apprenticeship had been leading me to that moment. My purpose in life was to submit myself fully to Grandmaster Legrand. He stood behind me and undressed me fairly rapidly without any sense of seduction. It felt like he was claiming me as a prize and my dick started swelling uncontrollably at the thought. Then he turned me towards him, reached around and pushed his giant fingers deep into my hole. I tentatively started to rub his bulge, which was bigger than any I’ve ever seen. I felt myself dropping to my knees in some sort of trance before pulling it out of his pants, desperate, not just to suck it, but to get every inch of it deep into my throat. Every time he touched me, I found myself gasping with anticipation. I needed him to use me. He pushed me against an ornate, ceremonial table and immediately started to finger me again, pushing one of my legs up so that my hole was already good and open before using oils and spit to make sure I was wet and as ready as I could be. I knew I had to relax. It was that or suffer excruciating agony as he pushed his huge member into my insanely tense butt. He lined himself up and I took a deep breath. For a moment he remained still, with the head of his dick pushing against my hole, almost as though he were waiting for permission to be admitted inside. Then he started to push into me and it was way too much. It really was. It felt like a knife was being plunged into my body. I kept quiet, of course. I didn’t want to let him – or myself – down, but he sensed it was painful for me, and got me onto my back, telling me to grab hold of my legs so that my hole was as open as it could be. He stood casually between my legs, still in his shirt and pants, and, once again, lined his dick up with my ass. He toyed with my hard dick and asked if I was ready and I knew at that moment that I was. Then I heard myself begging for him to fuck me. Pleading. And at that moment, I finally found myself yielding to him… My ass opened up like a flower and he sank his beautiful manhood deep into me and I knew there and then that I’d finally been relieved of my boyhood. The sensation was remarkable. It may have felt like he was driving a drain pipe deep into my belly, plundering my sphincter, ruining me entirely for his pleasure, but I loved it. He upped the pace and I could hear myself yelling uncontrollably. His face went quite red and he started gritting his teeth. I could tell that he was giving it to me as hard as he could… probably just to see if I could take it. I heard him murmur something about making me cum. I grabbed my dick, which was as hard as iron. The moment I touched it, I realized the semen was already rising, so I let go again because I didn’t want to cum just yet. I didn’t want the ecstatic sensation to end. But it was too late. I let go of my dick but moments later the semen started to squirt out of me. It was almost as though he was pushing it out of me with his dick. I have never cum without touching myself before. It just kept flying out of me. I was sort of orgasming and sort of not, so I grabbed my dick again, at which point he started to yell and grunt and I could feel his semen gushing into me. It was just crazy. For a split second we both entirely lost control. Then everything went still. I guess we were both trying to fathom what had happened and why it had been so intense. Then he kissed me, really simply, with very little emotion, and it was over just like that. Just as soon as it had begun.

Date: February 28, 2023

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