Master Legrand delivers the ancient Masonic sacrament of daddy dick to Cole Blues hole


As a member of the fraternal order, Cole’s experiences changed. While he was still younger and less powerful than the masters, he was permitted to witness more of the rare and protected practices of the Masons. He didn’t understand most of what was happening or why, but he followed along obediently and with full focus. In many ways, he still felt like he was going through his initiation, looking wide-eyed at his superiors and hoping to glean some knowledge or wisdom. Additionally, he was still eager to prove himself, both mentally and sexually to the older men. Grandmaster Wolf could see Cole’s enthusiasm for more, so he brought him into the temple for a special privilege, the receiving of the sacrament. The ceremony room was darkened, lit predominantly by candle light. Grandmaster Wolf wore a mask, giving him a strange and ominous appearance. It must have been tied to some lore or tradition Cole was unaware of, but he didn’t question it. He could tell it was Grandmaster Wolf due to his size, scent, and his deep, whispery voice. That was all he needed to give full compliance. Cole was stripped out of his shirt and tie, very similarly to how he’d been before. But as he stood in the temple room, the moment felt different. Cole had changed. He felt the weight of the ceremony deep in his gut, informing how every touch and tingle he received. He instantly began to leak precum, soaking through his underwear and catching the attention of the grandmaster. The young man knew what was coming, and his mind, body, and spirit were in total preparation for it. Taking off his mask, Grandmaster Wolf revealed his strikingly handsome face. The warm glow of the candlelight only seemed to make him more attractive. His long arms reached down to Cole’s genitals, tugging at his bulge and releasing the boy’s throbbing erection from his undergarments. Cole would do anything the older man asked of him. Without question or doubt. He would give of himself freely, making him perfect for the sacrament. Grandmaster Wolf removed the remainder of Cole’s clothes and put him up on an altar table. Cole laid on his back, his beautiful, toned body presented in its most vulnerable state. His genitals were hard and his hole was on display, eyes locked up at the older man before him, eagerly awaiting instruction on what to do next. Grandmaster Wolf took some ceremonial oil and dripped it down on his finger. It glistened in the candlelight, reflecting back into Cole’s eyes. Cole only saw it for a moment before it slipped down beneath his pelvis, finding its way between his buttocks and inside his sphincter. The oil was cool at first, not yet warmed by the head of the man’s flesh. It didn’t take long for Cole’s body to practically melt it. He felt the firm digit work its way inside. Cole let out an excited moan. Grandmaster Wolf had yet to even remove his clothes and Cole could have cum right then and there. But seeing the rise in the older man’s pants, Cole knew well what was to come. For him to receive the blessing of the sacrament, he would have to give of himself. His hole would have to endure the deep, hard, penetrating size of Wolf’s cock. A simple sacrifice, but one he would gladly make again and again… 

Date: August 21, 2022

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