Tiny apprentice Austin Young sits on dildos before Grandmaster Angus penetrates


Apprentice Young thought the men must have seen how nervous he was. And he had good reason. As he stood still, passively letting them strip him of his clothes and reveal his naked body, Young’s eyes locked onto the piece of furniture beside him. A strange, long bench, glossy and dark, bearing the shiny surface of glass, but studded every foot or so by a large, black object. Looking at them, it was clear to Young what they were for: smooth, semi-phallic objects made for going inside his body. As he looked at them, his body trembled, fearing for what it would be like to go through with the expectations of the older men. He wondered if they would go easy on him and let him off the hook, seeing his trepidation and anxiety. But then again, they hadn’t before. The young man stood in just his undergarments, awaiting instructions. He didn’t know who to turn to, but judging by the room, it was Grandmaster Angus calling the shots. Even though he was in a ceremonial mask hiding his identity, Apprentice Young would never mistake the big brute’s physique and presence. Even in a dark room, Young thought he might be able to identify him just from his scent. It wasn’t that long ago that he’d had his way with his genitals, paddling him and disciplining him over his knee. There were other men there as well. All suited, seated, and wearing similar masks, side by side adjacent to the bench. Apprentice Young felt a strange cold sensation over his neck and scalp thinking about the implications of this. An audience. An audience of unidentified leaders. He wondered if his father was among them. He didn’t know if that would make it better or worse… Grandmaster Angus took his seat at the head of the bench, closest to the largest object. He removed his mask, confirming Young’s suspicions. The apprentice couldn’t deny that he was partly happy to see him; having a familiar face made the unknown easier to tread into. But he also knew the man did not go easy on him… and would not accept anything less than exactly what he wanted. Angus pointed Young to the far object, instructing him to begin the process. Young felt his heart race as he made his way to the first plug, not sure if he would be able to do any of it. But the look in Angus’ eyes was direct and stern, communicating that it wasn’t for Young to doubt. The first plug sent a searing pain in the apprentice’s hole, pushing through his anxiety and tension into his ass. He struggled to take it in, but he soon felt his smooth cheeks press flat against the glass-like bench. Angus told him to stroke himself, permitting him that luxury knowing it would make the penetration easier to take. And it did. Young was grateful he was able to trick his body into taking the foreign objects. And before he could get comfortable, Angus ordered him to move to the next one. One by one, Young’s hole stretched and opened to take the bigger and bigger plugs. As he continued to stroke himself, he got harder, progressively becoming more aroused and less afraid. He almost forgot about the onlookers, even though they were no more than a couple feet away. He could occasionally hear them breathing, seeing them look at each other and show their approval. Young thought he was doing well, even beginning to enjoy it, until he reached the end of the line. He had moved so far and come so close to Grandmaster Angus, still seated in his chair with his hands folded and his face expressionless. Even though he didn’t have a mask on, he was harder to read than the unidentified men. It wasn’t until he stood up and gave the apprentice a kiss that Young felt like he’d performed well. He hoped this would be it and that the older man wouldn’t require any more of him, allowing him to cum and be on his way, having proven his worth. Alas, Angus was not yet satisfied. The final plug was more bulbous than it was phallic. It was as hard and round as a pool ball and more intimidating to Apprentice Young than anything he’d taken up to that point. The older man watched as he positioned himself on top of it, Young’s ass molding to attempt to take it. The young man’s face winced as he held his balls up, giving Angus a clear view of the object’s progress. Young tried, but it proved too much. He took a deep breath, trying to use his weight to slide it inside, but he couldn’t take anymore. Letting out a defeated exhale, the apprentice looked into Angus’ eyes, praying for mercy. Angus, however, did not seem pleased. With the same stern face he’d shown before, he explained that the apprentice had not done as he was asked. As such, there were to be consequences. Looking him in the eye while Young still straddled the too-large plug, he asked if the young man was ready to accept his punishment. Feeling like he’d let Angus down, the apprentice was compelled to comply, hoping to stay in the older man’s good graces. It was then that Grandmaster Angus stood up and ordered the young man to present his hole. Apprentice Young did as he was told, bending over the line of toys he’d successfully taken, presenting his backside to the older man. His hole was still a bit tender and raw, but he exposed it to Angus all the same. The older man proceeded to remove his clothes, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his tie, stripping down until he was completely naked. Young was scared, knowing the ferocity and aggression that the older man was capable of. Still, he found himself rock hard, ready to take him and prove his worth. As Grandmaster Angus lubed up his cock and prepared to insert it, the other men began to remove their masks. As Angus began to penetrate the young man’s stretched out hole, Young could see the faces of Grandmasters Oaks and Felix, as well as another familiar face, Grandmaster Savage. Apprentice Young felt the pain of the older man entering him turn to pleasure as he met their gaze, noticing that his father was not one of the men present. He wondered what his old man would think if he saw him like this, curious if he would be proud of what he was able to do. Angus seemed to sense that Young was warming up to his bare cock, holding onto his hips as he picked up the speed and used him to milk his member. Young looked forward at the other suited men, feeling especially naked as they watched on at him being fucked. He found their amused faces exciting, eager to make them happy as much as the man inside him. Suddenly and without warning, Grandmaster Angus’ strong, burly hands dug into Young’s body, gripping him tightly and holding him in place as his cock flooded his insides with his seed. Austin’s tender ass felt every burst whip into him, coating his anal cavity in thick, creamy liquid… 

Date: February 4, 2024

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