Master Cox and Master Fantana double-team a new apprentice with daddy dick


Before joining the Order, I I knew almost nothing about sex. I’d barely thought about it. Now, I go to sleep at night thinking of nothing else, excitedly wondering what and who has been lined up for me next,imagining the incredible new physical sensations I’m going to experience. Yesterday, they told me I needed to be punished and I was instantly heartbroken. I’ve always tried to behave myself impeccably. In fact, if anything, the masters have commented on my obedience and diligence. I was so nervous when I entered the dark room. Master Cox was sitting in a big velvet ceremonial chair with Master Fantana standing next to him. My heart instantly sank. I’d never spoken to either of them before. The truth is, I’d never been brave enough to go over and start a conversation because I knew I’d just get all tongue-tied. They’re so handsome, suave and debonair. I’ve jerked myself crazy thinking about them on many, many occasions. And yet, the first time I get to interact with them, I’m in deep trouble. Cox told me to enter and I stood in front of him trembling like a leaf. He told Master Fantana to undress me, which felt just about as humiliating as anything could have felt. He was quite matter-of-fact about things, which just made it a whole heap worse. He took my tie off quite swiftly and simply threw it to the ground. I was confused. We are taught to be mindful of the clothes we wear. Our pants and shirts must always be pressed, and on the occasions when I’ve undressed in front of masters before, I’ve always been encouraged to fold my clothes neatly. Yet there he was just tossing it on the dusty floor. I tried not to look at Fantana. I knew if I stared into those beautiful eyes for more than a second, I’d just start blushing and my punishment would no doubt be more severe. It was hard not to be excited, however, and I could feel my dick stiffening in my pants. Fantana knelt in front of me to remove my shoes, carefully undoing the laces in an almost subservient way. It struck me at that point that Master Cox was definitely the top dog in the room. There must be some sort of hierarchy, even among the masters, which means that Fantana still has to obey his seniors. And, of course, the more I thought about Fantana, possibly serving men like Master Cox, the harder my dick got. By the time he’d pulled my pants down, I was hard as a rock. He stood behind me, allowing his large, masculine hands to rub up and down my soon-tingling body. If this was punishment, I’d take it every day of the week! He used oils from a metal dispenser. They smelled really churchy and were cold enough to make me wince when he started to squirt them all over my chest. I liked the sensation of Fantana rubbing the oils into my skin. His hands slid speedily all over my body and made the hairs on the back of my neck go all tingly. But the pleasure was short-lived. Cox ordered Fantana to reveal the stretcher, and, moments later, he pulled a great black cloth away from a long, low table. Because it was so dark in the room, it took a moment for my eyes to focus on what was attached to the table, but when I realized what was happening, my blood started to run cold… The table was covered in what can only be described as penis-shaped objects. They were attached to the surface and pointing upwards and I instantly understood the nature of my punishment. Cox described them as “pegs”, and he told me to prepare the smallest one by rubbing oils into it. I knew I’d be expected to sit down on it, so I used as much oil as I could squirt into my hand. I lowered myself onto it as slowly as possible. It made me gasp but it was not un-pleasurable. What made me more nervous, however, was the line of pegs of increasing sizes stretching out in front of me. And, of course, Cox swiftly told me to prepare the second, which I dutifully did. It took a little more getting used to. My body instantly broke into a cold sweat and I felt shivery all of a sudden. Unsurprisingly, Cox wasn’t done. He enjoyed watching me. That much was evident from the way that he was rubbing his cock through the tight fabric of his gray suit pants. At his behest, I moved onto the third peg and then the fourth. Both seemed almost impossible to begin with, but Master Fantana was tasked with assisting me, which he did by applying pressure to my shoulders and almost callously pushing me down onto the pegs until they were deep inside me. As I rode them, I imagined Cox and Fantana taking turns to use my body to pleasure themselves. I stared defiantly, straight at Cox, willing him to be aroused by me, desperate for him to want me. He asked me to prepare the fifth peg and my heart almost stopped. It was very large. It was almost impossible to imagine it inside me and I instantly began to panic. I told him I didn’t think I could do it and he told me we were going to find out. Fantana was pushing real hard on my shoulders, but it just wouldn’t go in. Cox told me to keep trying but I thought it was going to tear me in half. It was agonizing. He told me if I couldn’t do it I would be punished, but I knew it was impossible, so I stood up, ashamed, bracing myself for whatever was coming next. He gestured to a higher table in one of the darkened corners of the room. Fantana pulled back another giant, black sheet and revealed an intricate wooden altar, upholstered with red leather which I was told to bend over. I tensed up, expecting to be caned or belted at any moment. I could hear Master Cox behind me, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt before undoing his belt and dropping his pants and undergarments. I could feel him running his dick over my ass cheeks, but in my heart, I knew he was going to use his belt on me… I was shocked beyond words, however, when I felt his huge dick penetrating me. It was the most beautiful sensation – almost exactly the right size and girth for my twitching, stretched-out hole. He sank deep into me and it almost felt like my ass was swallowing him – greedily sucking him into me. I’d dreamed of this moment and I wanted him to take me real hard… and boy did he give it to me! Fantana climbed onto the altar and pulled my head up, so that I was forced to look at him as Cox banged the air out of my body. We locked eyes and a bolt of thrilling excitement suddenly surged through my body. I wanted Fantana as much as I wanted Cox. Maybe even more. He held my chin with one of his huge hands and rubbed the bulge in his pants with the other. I wanted him. I wanted him more than I’ve wanted anything or anyone in my life before. My hole was suddenly wide open and I could tell Master Cox was ready to blow. Seconds later, I felt his cum flying into me. I could feel his dick contracting and bulging as he squirted. It felt immensely exciting, but my eye was already on the other prize. I knew Master Fantana was getting ready to follow him in. As Cox pulled out, Fantana moved behind me. He told me to turn around so that he could look into my eyes as he fucked me. He dropped his pants, but I was excited because he kept his shirt and tie on. He looked so sexy. He flipped his tie over his shoulder and sank his dick into me. My head almost exploded with profound pleasure. We were consummating the look which had passed between us like electricity flying out of a pylon in a storm. He took his shirt off as he started to grind. I was a little disappointed until I saw the ripped, adonis-like, muscular torso underneath. He stared into my eyes, driving his dick into me, slowly at first, then faster and deeper, slipping around in the residue of Master Cox’ watery cum. While Fantana fucked me, Cox kissed me and thrust his dick into my mouth. I could taste my ass and his jizz, and my entire body started to shake with lustful anticipation… 

Date: September 23, 2022

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