Exploring Forbidden Desires: A Tale of Lust and Power in the Chamber of Master Snow


Apprentice Roux has caused something of a stir within the order. A number of the Masters have been lucky enough to savor him, but my time had not yet come. The relationship between an Apprentice and his Master is rarely discussed in great detail—in fact, it can be a very jealously guarded secret. But there was something about Apprentice Roux which seemed to inspire Masters Snow and Stone to compare notes. I suspect they’d both been caught off a little by the way that the boy had drawn them in. Both men are known to be fairly guarded, so it was fascinating to hear them talking about Apprentice Roux with such a level of fondness. When the three of us were assigned to oversee the boy’s atonement, I realized that things had the potential to become very interesting… Apprentice Roux entered the dark chamber looking a little uneasy, and when he glanced down at the long bench below him, his face fell. The Apprentices are instructed not to talk about their experiences to one another, but I’m pretty sure they’re all aware of what lurks beneath the cloth in that particular room. Apprentice Roux looked at each of us in turn, no doubt wondering if Stone and Snow had brought me up to speed with what had happened in previous encounters with him. I looked to my right and noticed that Stone was giving off an unusually intimidating air. He’s a tall, broad man and he was sitting with his tie a little loose and his legs spread wide, eye-balling the boy like he was sizing up his next meal. To my right, Master Snow was looking more than a little aloof, so I tried to present a slightly warmer vibe as not to freak the boy out entirely. This is, after all, the most intimidating of all the ceremonies. Snow had been assigned as the group leader and he wasted no time in instructing Master Stone to prepare the boy. I won’t lie: I was highly aroused by the sight of Stone towering above Apprentice Roux, slowly but masterfully removing the boy’s clothing; casually unleashing the apprentice’s sense of deep vulnerability. It is a commonly held belief that the masters are somehow impervious to feelings about one another. I cannot speak for the others, but I have certainly entertained lustful thoughts about my colleagues—with particularly intense recurring fantasies about the two men I happened to be sharing the room with on this occasion. It was a privilege to finally see them in action. Once stripped down to his underwear, Roux was ordered to stand between Snow and me. We simultaneously reached up to the boy and began to run our hands over his lithe body, celebrating every curve and bump of his beautifully defined torso. I found myself catching Master Snow’s eye. He smiled at me knowingly. This boy was special, and though it was clear he was still highly uneasy, we knew that he was desperate to please us. Master Snow instructed Stone to oil the boy, which he did with immense intimacy, pushing the warm liquid into every part of his body until the boy was glistening in the candlelight. The time had come to reveal the stretcher. Stone and I dutifully removed the heavy cloth from the top of the bench, revealing the pegs underneath. The boy plainly could not bring himself to look at it. He knew what was expected of him and the terror of his thoughts rested in his expression. Stone was ordered to prepare the first of the pegs, and he applied just enough oil to allow the boy a fairly comfortable initial experience. Roux knew what to do—he shuffled into position with one leg over either side of the bench, before taking a deep breath to calm his nerves and slowly lowering himself down onto the peg. He winced and shivered as the cold peg entered his sphincter but it was clear that the sensation was not displeasurable. Master Snow ordered the boy to move to the next peg, and he obediently made his way along the bench. He lowered himself without too much trouble onto the second peg, which was not a great deal larger than the first. And so the plucky apprentice continued his way along the bench, assisted and encouraged by Stone, who massaged his shoulders and fingered his hole from time to time. It was particularly hot to see the boy riding the pegs. The sight went straight to my dick as I imagined how that dense, immovable object felt inside the boy as it tore its way into his body. The next to last peg was a huge notch up in terms of size. The boy shivered and shuddered as he lowered himself onto it. He struggled to regulate his breathing, but he eventually triumphed and the peg went all the way inside him. And so he came to the final peg, which, to my knowledge, no boy has ever managed to fully take. It’s considerably larger than the one before, and a very different, wider, uncompromising shape. Roux was plainly up for at least trying to take it. It was difficult to know whether he was being foolhardy or brave. Stone, preparing the peg, fixed me with a look which suggested he didn’t think the boy had any hope of getting it inside him. I wasn’t so sure… Roux fairly speedily positioned himself over the peg and rapidly began to lower himself down onto it. He gritted his teeth and screamed out loud as it started to enter his hole. I think all three of us were willing him to do it. I ran my hand gently over his thigh, and I could see Stone looking closely at the business end with a look of incredulity on his face. But ultimately, it was too much for the boy and he was begrudgingly forced to acknowledge defeat. Snow, of course, pointed out that there were consequences associated with failure, and the boy nodded, crushed by a sense of inadequacy. We were all secretly impressed, however. So much, in fact, that I was forced to cover my erection with my hand. Master Snow ordered Apprentice Roux to stand and then stood to join him, sensually running his hands over the boy’s shoulder. The sight pleased me greatly. Snow looked incredibly sexy and authoritative in his suit, standing powerfully in front of the naked, trembling, oiled-up boy. Snow removed his jacket and the room was instantly filled with his expensive scent. His torso looked like it had been poured into his tightly-fitting shirt. I was engulfed by an overwhelming sense of lust for him. I wanted to see him making love to the boy. I wanted to feel the boy’s intense pleasure rippling through my own body. Snow held Apprentice Roux’s beautiful face with one hand while undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt with the other. He pulled the boy’s hands towards his belt and got him to unbuckle it. I couldn’t take my eyes off Snow. He was masterful. He gently kissed the apprentice’s chest before getting to work on his neck. He dropped his pants and removed his socks and underwear before pulling the boy into him. They kissed like longtime lovers. It was a spine-tinglingly passionate kiss, one which promised the world. The boy was shaking. Snow’s penis was pushing against Roux’s belly button while he fingered the boy’s ass. I looked across at Stone who was running his hand over the bulge in his pants—seemingly just as hooked by the show. Snow then told the boy to turn around and squat down with one knee up on the bench. He scooped some oil into his hand and rubbed it onto his giant dick before lining it up with the boy’s ass. A moment later, he pushed it slowly into Roux’s hole. It became impossible to know what to look at: Snow’s dick, easing its way into Roux’s ass, was a thing of great beauty, but so was the look of unabashed pleasure on his face. But perhaps, most pleasing of all was the apprentice’s look of complete shock as he felt the power and enormity of Snow’s dick. The boy let out a deep, low groan and then, suddenly, he seemed at peace. They both had what they needed. Master Snow penetrated the boy with deep, long strokes, pushing at his internal organs with the tip of his sizable weapon. He kissed the boy while whispering words of encouragement into his ears. I stood up and pulled the boy’s ass cheeks apart, watching with great excitement as Master Snow’s penis slid in and out. My face was so close to his. I could feel the intense heat radiating from his body. I contemplated kissing him, but he was the boss today. My status in the chamber forbade me from initiating contact. Everything needed to be on Master Snow’s terms. Meanwhile, Master Stone was pulling his plus-sized dick out of his suit trousers and pushing it towards the boy’s mouth. Seconds later, the boy was sucking on it like his life depended on it. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him further into Stone until he started to gag. And then it happened. I found my mouth inching towards Master Snow’s and suddenly we were kissing. And not just kissing: we were making out with profound intensity. I had my hand on the back of his head, feeling the smoothness of his skin while our tongues danced. He was fully naked. I was still in a three-piece suit. I could hear the boy gobbling on Stone’s hard cock, and the sound of Snow’s gargantuan dick slamming with increasing intensity and speed into his ass. It struck me that I have never wanted any man more than I wanted Master Snow in that moment. I was living for him. Melting into him. He whispered in my ear, so softly, so that no one else would hear; “You look amazing. I want you.” Then Snow really started pounding the boy. It was the noisiest fuck I’ve ever heard; a combination of Roux’s yells, the crack of Snow’s hips slamming into his tender ass cheeks and Master Stone’s low moans of profound pleasure as the boy choked and heaved on his dick. Snow’s eyes rolled back in his head and I knew that he’d passed a point of no return. He let out a giant roar and exploded into the boy with supreme force, his hips writhing and gyrating as the semen flew out of him. He pulled out and the spunk followed, spraying all over the bench. Then he pushed himself back in and pulled the boy up to his mouth, kissing him with gratitude. I felt foolish for feeling a pang of jealousy, but this sensation was instantly assuaged when Snow started to kiss me again. He handed a towel to the exhausted boy and told him to clean himself up. As we walked out of the room, leaving Roux to his thoughts, I wondered if anything in my life could ever top that encounter. 

Date: March 31, 2024

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