Irresistible Marcus Ryan is taught the covenant by Grandmaster Angus’s fat dick


Apprentice Ryan’s devotion to the order was profound. After a lifetime of lessons on obedience and blind loyalty, the Masons were able to help him go even further in his submission. The young man left his atonement with a renewed sense of purpose. Not only was he eager to do whatever the powerful men of the secret society asked of him, but he no longer felt the doubt and fears that had become so burdensome on his path to true service. The masters removed his clothes, placed him in a ceremonial robe, and presented him before a ritualized, white, hanging sheet, telling him to do as he was told no questions asked. Even when a massive, hard, erect penis slipped through a hole in the sheet, Ryan did not react. He accepted it without reservation. And when Grandmaster Felix pushed his mouth down upon it, he gladly parted his lips and took it down. Apprentice Ryan gagged and struggled, but not because of an unwillingness to sacrifice his throat for the ceremony. Felix was impressed by how much the young man could take, indulging in the sounds of his choking. Apprentice Ryan felt his eyes begin to water, but he did not back away. His trust in the Masons was so complete that he would do whatever was required. Showing his unwavering commitment to their cause, the older men lifted Apprentice Ryan back to his feet and guided him through the veil. Apprentice Ryan felt weightless as he moved into the next room, a tingling sensation running up his spine and over his head as he saw Grandmaster Angus sitting on the end of a large, white bed. He welcomed the sight of the handsome man, but was so resigned to his submission that he barely registered more than a pleasant, respectful smile on his face. Grandmaster Angus instructed him to wash him, pointing to a bowl of blessed water and a ceremonial cloth beside it on the floor. Apprentice Ryan removed the older man’s socks and shoes, washing his feet down on the ground, deferential towards his master. The weightlessness persisted in his body as his gestures felt unusually easy and smooth. Grandmaster Angus could see the boy’s fluidity, smiling as he realized the completion of the young man’s transformation. He was free. Free of doubt. Free of worry. Free of fear. Free of all the complications of life that lead a young man to consider his own self-interest and pursuits. Apprentice Ryan was his now. He was a spirit and mind of the Masons, possessed to be submissive and subservient. And he had no struggle whatsoever. Grandmaster Angus stood to remove his clothing, giving Ryan more of his powerful body to wash. The cool, wet cloth moved over Angus’ broad, hairy chest, gently catching his dark, salt and pepper chest hair, around his prominent, masculine nipples, and down to his stomach. Apprentice Ryan paused slightly when his washcloth approached the man’s genitals, now swollen from excitement. Grandmaster Angus was curious to see what Ryan would do. The young apprentice looked at his master, as if seeking permission to continue. Angus smiled and nodded. It was clear that the young man perceived the handling of the older man’s loins as a privilege, even when tasked with washing it. Satisfaction from service… the sign of true submission. As Ryan completed his work, Grandmaster Angus began his. Removing Ryan’s clothes and placing him on the bed, Grandmaster Angus knew that the reward for such submission and obedience was a deep, powerful, personal breeding. Grandmaster Angus spread Ryan’s legs apart, giving him a view of his perfect, peachy ass. The young man’s hole was on display, tight and smooth despite the endurance it had to display during their previous encounter. Angus pumped out some ceremonial oil from a nearby container and slowly and gently spread it over the young man’s hole. Apprentice Ryan’s sphincter clenched as the cool liquid met his hole, feeling it warm as Angus’ beefy, manly fingers spread it over him. Apprentice Ryan felt a stirring within himself. His body began to take weight and feel more occupied by his mind. His penis stiffened and he allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure that he received. Grandmaster Angus could see Apprentice Ryan beginning to open up, not just externally but mentally and emotionally as well. That made Angus’s cock leak, thinking about how much this meant to the young man. Before Angus slid his bare cock inside Ryan’s hole, he leaned in and gave his hole a kiss. The covenant he was about to make was important, and it was good that he was fully present and eager for it… 

Date: June 30, 2022

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