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Cole sat back in the chair, feeling his heart race as Master Kamp began to tie his hands together. His back began to perspire, causing his undershirt to cling to him. He tried his best to show no fear, to present himself to Kamp with the commitment and bravery he thought his apprenticeship would require, but as he felt himself lose his control, the emerging sweat revealed his struggle…

Cole was fairly ambitious and driven. He’d always been pushed to excel, giving all he had to succeed and grow. And as his life played out, he found there was little he wasn’t able to achieve. Blessed with handsome good looks, a winning smile, a tall, athletic frame, and friendly disposition, doors seemed to open wherever Cole went.

For a time, it seemed the only thing he wouldn’t have is the standard, heteronormative life his parents imagined for him: a wife, a family, the dog and the picket fence. Not because women didn’t throw themselves at him. It was simply that Cole found himself much more attracted to the other boys… even the older men.

Cole didn’t know how to navigate those social expectations, but he knew that given his youth and other attributes, he could simply be “focused on career” for a while longer. Still, it didn’t hurt having some other sort of social advantage going forward.

Felix Kamp was a handsome man of great authority. A pillar in the community with a deep, booming voice and rugged good looks. He was known by all as a great man of character and true leader. When Cole went looking for a mentor, he could think of no one better than Kamp.

Kamp was happy to take Cole under his wing, telling him that he was actually a member of a special fraternal order that sought to help young men like himself. He invited Cole to his office for a formal intake interview to see if he would be a good candidate, insisting that he arrive dressed appropriately and with a strong will. It seemed a little archaic and esoteric, but Cole would do whatever it took to get in good with the influential man.

Cole had heard of secret societies and organizations geared towards fraternity and apprenticeship. Men propping each other up, giving each other lifelong benefits and esteem. He knew that being around men of principles, honor, and distinction would greatly help him get whatever he wanted. What he didn’t expect, however, was that these men would put him through trials that would test his own desires…

Kamp insisted on being referred to as “Master,” an indication of his experience and position in the society that Cole was about to pledge. Cole didn’t question it, but found himself feeling smaller almost immediately. As Kamp began his initial interview, Cole could feel himself getting nervous, shaken by the power imbalance between them, unfamiliar with the feeling of submission.

He’d always been on top. The best, the most, the champ. Here, however, he felt like he did when he was a child. Powerless and confused, looking to adults for guidance and direction. Master Kamp called all the shots by simply opening his mouth, and like some sort of spell, Cole felt compelled to go along.

Master Kamp asked him a series of questions, some were more expected than others. Questions about goals, dreams, plans, etc. But when it came to personal questions, Cole wasn’t sure how to answer. He tried to hide his attraction to men, but Kamp seemed less than convinced of his evasive responses.

Kamp asked Cole to take off his clothes and put his hands behind his back. Cole was confused by the request, but Kamp’s unflinching, confident request disarmed him. Kamp said it as if it was perfectly routine and normal, making Cole feel like he had to obey in order to get what he wanted. As Cole took off his suit, shoes, shirt, and tie, he felt like he was taking off his armor, leaving him without any way of defending himself. It was thrilling and scary, but it also made him keenly aware of the situation, paying attention to everything Master Kamp did next.

Master Kamp stood up, guiding the stripped Cole back to his seat, placing his hands behind his body before taking a rope to his wrists. He knotted it tightly, making sure Cole could not free himself. Cole’s eyes focused on the older man, trying to figure out what would happen next.

As Master Kamp finished tying Cole’s hands behind him, he could see the boy’s anxiety at relinquishing control. He studied his face, seeing him try to set himself at ease, all the while open and exposed to the older man. He was stripped down to just his undergarments, his broad, smooth chest out, and his long legs spread wide. Between them, his penis began to stand erect, poking up in his underwear like a flag pole. Master Kamp smiled. Cole was just what he wanted in an apprentice.

Running his hand over his chest and torso, he could feel the boy’s heart beating like a drum. As he moved it down to his stomach, Cole’s body flinched, unfamiliar with his touch. He did not recoil, but rather steeled himself, trying to become stronger and more receptive. He did not want to shy away. He persisted, desperate to prove himself, even as he was vulnerable and at his mercy.

Kamp brought his hand down to his thighs, massaging his legs, moving up toward his groin. Cole let out a moan. It felt strange and new, but he couldn’t deny it felt good. The older man was in full control and Cole was left to simply respond. To his surprise, Cole could see a wet spot on his underwear, now soiled by precum emerging from his swollen manhood. He didn’t know why he was so aroused, but deep down, he wanted more.

Master Kamp saw this as well. He ran his hand over Cole’s cock, grazing the ridge of his shaft with his knuckles. It felt so good that Cole felt his prostate begin to pulse, practically ready to cum right then. But before he could clench down and release, Kamp’s hands moved away, exploring more of his exposed flesh.

Master Kamp seemed to have total access to his interviewee’s body. Cole felt his hands move to his nipples, between his legs, under his loins, cradling his testicles, even teasing his hole. He felt beneath his underwear, caressing his delicate pubic hair and teasing the base of his shaft.

Cole didn’t want to show that he liked it, but it was impossible to hide. His body reacted in ways his mind couldn’t prevent. And as Kamp pulled his cock out of his underwear, his breath practically begged for him to release a load out of him.

Kamp’s warm hand gripped the boy’s member, feeling it pulse in his hand. He took out his balls, feeling their weight in his palm, teasing them and tugging on them as the tip of his penis continued to drip.

Cole’s breathing was now louder and deeper, more moans of pleasure than simply gasps of air. Master Kamp could see he was desperate. Desperate to cum. Desperate to please. Desperate to be accepted. Desperate to be wanted. Desperate to be his. Master Kamp couldn’t ask for a more perfect apprentice.

The older man wet his finger with his mouth, spitting saliva on his digit before sneaking into Cole’s tight, warm hole. It was soft and velvety as he moved it inside. He could feel the pulsing prostate deep in his body that caused his shaft to leak. He teased it, watching as he was able to push out more fluid simply by touching it.

Cole looked him in the eye. He couldn’t form the words, but he begged him to let him cum. And with that eager, pleading, submissive look, Kamp began to stroke Cole’s rock hard cock, pumping it in one hand as he fingered him with the other.

Cole’s body felt like it was twisting and turning, but outwardly he was stuck on his chair, unable to move, held firmly in place by the ropes from behind and the older man’s hands from the front. Still, everything in his beautiful, athletic body worked together to help him release a massive load all over his cock. Burst after burst of white fluid erupted from his shaft, dripping over Kamp’s knuckles and his unique, strange ring…

Date: February 18, 2024

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