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Cole put a lot of trust into Master Kamp. After he’d thoroughly milked a load from his cock, he figured there was no reason not to listen to him. Kamp knew him in a way most others could never now. Still, Cole had his doubts.

When the older man told him to go to the woods that night, he wasn’t sure what he expected, but he knew that it was going to be a closely kept secret. The brotherhood was not about to let their practices be seen by just anyone. With this understanding, Cole followed his instructions with a great deal of faith, believing that his new family would look out for him.

For the most part this was true. He went to where they told him and waited, only to be greeted by men in masks who blindfolded him and led him deeper into the forest. It seemed unfair that they knew who he was, but then again, he hadn’t proven himself to them.

Master Kamp told him he would need to pass a series of tests, and to be patient and obedient. Cole didn’t back down from a challenge, even one that scared him. His induction not only scared him, it made his cock hard. He couldn’t get over how it felt to be at the mercy of Kamp’s hands, submissive and vulnerable. It gave him a rush like he couldn’t imagine. A part of him wanted to chase that feeling, regardless of what else came with it. But he was down this path and wanted to see it through.

What he didn’t expect, though, was being fucked. In the dark of the night, without any sense of where he was or who was around, he felt himself get strung up, stripped, and fucked in the open air. At first he thought he was just being teased, maybe some sort of test or trick. But when the bare cock slid inside his hole, there was no mistaking what it was.

The warmth of the shaft penetrated him deep, weighed down by two large hairy balls that smacked against his own. The wetness of the lubricant dripped down his leg as a pair of beefy hands gripped his hips, holding him in place as the stranger took liberties with his hole. Cole heard the sound of others around him. Twigs snapping, heavy breathing, zippers coming down and belt buckles hitting the floor. He was pretty sure only one man fucked him, but others watched. All this while he was blinded and bound, with just the heat of a nearby fire to keep him warm.

When he got home, he felt the stranger’s cum still in him, working its way inside his body. He was confused and alarmed, but also wildly turned on. He’d never given into his desires like that before. And what’s more, he had no idea who he’d done it with. Anyone in his community could have been the one to breed him… anyone could be a member of the secret order.

The idea gave him a great deal of satisfaction and intrigue. He felt like he was solving a mystery while becoming part of it himself. 

It was later that he was told to meet with Master Oaks, a handsome, salt and pepper–haired man in his late 40s. He had the look of a clean-cut suburban dad, blessed with the wife, kids, and fence Cole himself had once considered signs of success. He didn’t know anything about him beyond his connection to the order, but he couldn’t help but admire him.

Sitting in his office, Cole presented him with his résumé and other tidbits of information he thought he might need. Cole wasn’t exactly sure how to present himself, but he wanted to give a good showing.

Master Oaks sat behind his desk, assessing the boy. Cole tried not to fidget, but he was nervous. He couldn’t shake the thought of what happened in the woods the night before.

After a long review of his materials, Master Oaks turned to Cole, asking a question that caught him off guard.

“Did you still submit that you are not aroused by men?”

Cole felt his face flush red. He’d been milked by Master Felix and fucked in the woods, but somehow he still felt his sexuality was something he had to hide. His knee-jerk reaction was to deny it, but he stumbled, knowing that Master Oaks likely knew well what he’d been through under the eye of the brotherhood.

Cole looked to Master Oaks for a sign of how to answer, but the older man simply told Cole to stand. Oaks stood up as well, slowly approaching him and reaching for his crotch. It was sudden. So sudden that Cole felt his mouth go agape. The man’s hand gripped his member through his pants so tight he could feel his wedding band pressing against his cock.

Master Oaks pointed out that he was getting aroused, clearly responding to the touch of another man. Cole stammered, unable to answer in a clear or confident voice. The only thing he could say completely was, “Is that OK?”

Master Oaks smiled. He could see Cole was struggling with more than simply his desire. He began to remove his tie, trying to help him feel more relaxed. But the man’s hands on him only made him more nervous.

The older man continued to undo his clothing, undressing him piece by piece until he was down to his underwear. Cole just stood there, paralyzed, not sure what was going to be required of him, but prepared to do whatever was asked. He remembered how he felt in Master Kamp’s office: vulnerable, alert, and exposed. That rush went to his head again as Master Oaks shoved his hand in his underwear, grabbing his swelling cock and teasing his balls. He wanted it. Oh god, did he want it.

Master Oaks took off his undergarments, revealing the boy’s tumescence. It was large, pulsing, and dripping pre-cum. The older man told Cole to get up on the desk on his hands and knees, which Cole did without question. He felt awkward and objectified, especially as the older man rolled up his sleeves and began his inspection.

Like he was inspecting an animal, Oaks’ hands moved over him, feeling his chest and stomach, his legs and arms, even sticking a finger in his mouth to feel his tongue and throat. More pre-cum dripped between Cole’s legs, becoming something of a curiosity to Oaks as he made his way to his backside. Cole felt the older man squeeze his cock, pushing more of his fluid out of the tip. Cole turned his head and watched as the man took it to his mouth, tasting it and contemplating its flavor.

Cole waited patiently as his cock became harder, desperate to know what Master Oaks would do with him. Cole was then told to get on his knees on the floor, between the man’s legs, looking up at him. Cole did as he was told, feeling his heart race as he gazed into the eyes of the older man.

Master Oaks never looked away from him as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles, pulling out his big cock in front of Cole’s face. It was thick and veiny, surrounded by a bush of dark hair. The heat from it was so strong Cole swore he could feel it on his lips.

It was then that Oaks told him to taste it, something that Cole was both desperate to do and terrified of. He closed his eyes, moving his head closer as he felt the tip of the man’s member enter his mouth. His lips wrapped around it and he took his first taste of Oaks’ cock. It was incredible. Somehow strange and familiar all out once. It was like his mouth was meant to have it and he’d waited his whole life for it. Even still, he kept his eyes closed until Oaks insisted he look up at him.

It was a strange sensation to feel a cock push its way into his mouth as he stared directly into the eyes of the man it belonged to. There was nowhere to hide, no way to throw it away or pretend it wasn’t him or it wasn’t happening. There he was, on his knees, sucking cock. And loving it…

Date: March 17, 2024

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