After the interview Shepard gets called to master Weston’s office for anal admonition


It’s been a while now since my first encounter. It was with Master Figata and opened a whole new chapter of my life. He taught me, in a single, mind-blowing afternoon, the meaning of absolute pleasure, while simultaneously giving me a clear understanding of the path I need to pursue. However, the encounter has left me in some kind of personal quandary. What the Master did to me was beautiful, and intense, and I’ve been craving more of it ever since. I have been as patient as possible. I have knuckled down in classes and tried my hardest to be the best student here. I’ve also refrained entirely from pleasuring myself—it sounds dumb, but part of me feels that if I cave into my urge to spend every last second of my private time jerking myself into oblivion, I’ll be jinxing future opportunities or somehow lessening the impact of whatever’s destined to happen next. When I received notification of my calling, I figured that the time may have finally come. I got myself into quite a state as I walked across the complex to the designated office. Overcome with a mixture of fear and excitement, I ended up feeling so anxious that I undid the top button of my shirt just to breathe. I tried to push the tie knot back up in a way that didn’t make it look like the button was undone, but I knew I wasn’t making the right impression and that bothered me. I was surprised that it wasn’t Master Figata in the office; I’d assumed that he’d be exclusively in charge of my formal development. I was instead greeted by Master Weston, a man that I don’t know quite as well. My only interaction with him happened about three weeks ago when he was seated next to me in the formal hall. Looking back, I guess he did seem a little more curious about me than I probably should have expected… He was considerably less warm with me this time. As I sat down in the office he was reading some sort of official file, which I assume was filled with information about me. I could feel the beads of anxious sweat prickling on my forehead. I wondered if it was too late to try to do my top button back up again. He asked if I still believed that I wasn’t attracted to men, and I confirmed that this was indeed the case. My encounter with Master Figata was, of course, something which could easily be defined as a man-to-man sexual encounter. It could also be argued to be a one-off; an elevated learning experience which doesn’t necessarily define me as gay. To be honest, I was utterly confused. I’d deliberately pushed any thoughts about carnal pleasure to the very back of my mind, refusing to entertain them for fear of them engulfing me. He handed me an ornate glass vessel and told me to drink the substance inside. It was like very pure water; there was no color, taste, or smell. Then, he told me to undress… I immediately felt a rush of adrenaline, wondering if Master Weston was about to do the same thing to me that Master Figata had done. Perhaps he was even planning to take things a little further. I may be inexperienced for my age, but I’ve seen a few naughty films on the internet, so I know what happens when two men have sex, and ever since Master Figata put that dildo into my ass, I’ve got quite a strong sense of what it might feel like to have something else pushed up there. I was rock-hard by the time I’d taken my pants off. I knew that my penis was tenting like crazy in my boxers, but I didn’t try to hide it because Master Figata taught me not to be embarrassed by that sort of thing. Master Weston certainly seemed to be quite impressed by what was happening down there. He kept glancing with an amused look on his face. And, of course, as I removed my shirt, my brain instantly started flooding with dirty thoughts about him. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie, he smelt amazing, and the more I focused on that, I became desperate to feel the bristles of his lustrous beard touching my skin. I was so hard that I had to push my dick back into my shorts. Master Weston moved towards me and started to touch me all over my body with just his fingertips. Every touch caused me to shiver; he was barely making contact, and yet I was aroused in a way I couldn’t even comprehend. My dick began to throb like crazy and before I knew what was happening, he’d dropped to his knees and was very slowly rolling my garments down. He instructed me to climb onto the desk. I instinctively knew that he wanted me to present myself to him, like prize-winning livestock at some sort of auction. It should have felt utterly humiliating, but I wanted to please him in any way that I could, so I extended my body, arched my back like a slut and thrust my ass towards him. At that moment, I heard him remove his jacket and roll his shirt sleeves up. Seconds later, I felt his beautiful salt-and-pepper beard tickling against my ass cheeks as he pushed his tongue deep into my hole. I heard the rustle of him removing his shirt and tie, and then felt him push what I assumed to be a finger into me. I glanced back at him and he smiled a big, broad, beautiful grin which made me feel remarkably special. At that moment, I would have walked to the end of the world for him. I heard the snap of his belt and the squeal of his zipper, followed by a hollow thud as his pants hit the ground. Moments later, he pulled me down from the desk and made me lean over it. I knew what was coming; I’d dreamed of the moment since Master Figata had used the dildo on me. The irony was that I had no idea how big Master Weston’s dick actually was. I hadn’t touched it, let alone even seen it. I’d noticed quite a large bulge in his trousers as he was touching me before, but I didn’t have a clue what I needed to prepare myself for. He didn’t waste any time. Seconds after he’d repositioned me on the edge of the desk, I felt him push himself in. There are so few words to explain what happened to my body at that moment. I started to shiver uncontrollably. It was brutal, intrusive, agonizing. But at the same time, it felt amazing. It was like something deep inside me had awakened. I wondered at what stage you officially lose your virginity. Is it when the dick first enters you, or when the guy starts pumping it in and out? Or is it when he shoots his load? It certainly didn’t take very long until he was thrusting in and out of me, which I guess is what you would call fucking. And, in no time at all, what he was doing had stopped hurting and started feeling really good… to the extent that I suddenly became desperate for him to go harder and faster. And, just like that, he did! It was insanely beautiful. No matter where you drew the line, I knew that I was losing my virginity right then. My body was humming and dancing and shaking and gasping. The harder he went, the more I wanted his big, raw cock. I wanted him to use me, to abuse me, to show me what my body was for. Then he pulled out and pushed me onto the table, kissing me passionately, his beard scratching against my chin and his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. He pulled me onto my back and dragged me to the edge of the table so that he could thrust in and out while looking down at me. It was addictive. He was smiling, almost smugly, like the cat that got the mouse. I guess he knew it was my first time, and that he was my Master. I grabbed his big daddy nipples and tweaked them real hard and he started to grunt and groan. Then I felt a powerful gush of semen bursting out of his giant cock and flooding my insides. If I hadn’t lost my virginity until that point, I had now. And it was as beautiful and spectacular as I’d imagined it would be. We were one and I was his, forever.

Date: July 15, 2023

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