Daddy master Oaks drills the covenents of Masonry into a twinks asshole

It’s not like Marcus could hide it. Even when he tried to deny it, the secret of his sexuality was painted all over his face. The way he looked at older men — handsome men, men of authority — practically outed him within seconds. Even when he tried to answer Grandmaster Oaks’ questions, he was so confused and flustered that he couldn’t remember which lies to tell. Grandmaster Oaks has that way with younger guys. His salt and pepper hair, clean shaven face, and paternal presence turns every young man into a horny boy desperate for Daddy to tell them what to do. When it came time for Apprentice Marcus to affirm his commitment to the Brotherhood, the young man couldn’t help but wear his attraction on his sleeve. Oaks didn’t mind, though. As much as he loved teasing out the truth, he also loved seeing a hungry boy begging to be touched. He knew he had power over him, not just because of his position or his status, but simply because of the laws of nature. Grandmaster Oaks could communicate his dominance by doing nothing but looking Marcus in the eye, and that look would make the young initiate hard as a rock. The Grandmaster began by standing up and asking Marcus to do the same. The boy’s swollen member was barely concealed in his dress pants, contained in a sheer cloth inside his undergarments. He knew that the rise in his trousers was evident, but Oaks assured him this was nothing to worry about… a fact that only made Marcus more anxious. Oaks held the boy’s cock in his hand, gripping it through his clothes and holding him in place, as if doing so meant he cupped every bit of Apprentice Marcus in his hand. For all intents and purposes, he did. Marcus was still as a statue, unable to move, trapped in his body as Grandmaster Oaks made it his personal plaything to explore. The handsome leader removed Marcus’ clothes, stripping him down until he was bare to his white garments. The see-through fabric revealed both his arousal and his lean, athletic body. Oaks proceeded to strip Marcus of his underwear as well, leaving him completely exposed and vulnerable to this older man’s designs. The silver-haired, suited man ran his hands over the apprentice’s body, feeling his smooth skin and lithe, muscular frame. He could feel his heart beating fast in his chest, but that did not deter him from inspecting the young man’s body. Marcus wanted to react, to reach out and touch Oaks in return, but his fear of his own desires kept him in a state of aroused panic. The only thing that seemed to break Marcus of his rigidity was the offer of a drink from Oaks. The older man handed him a red chalice, containing some sort of liquid. It was less of a refreshment and more of a ceremonial gesture. Like taking communion, Marcus was told to drink from the mysterious cup in order to continue in becoming a member of the Masonic Order. Taking the cup to his lips, Marcus tasted the strange substance. It was light, very floral, and fragrant as it poured down his throat. He couldn’t tell why, but something about it seemed familiar. He couldn’t place it, but the chalice was empty before he could think any more on it. After taking the cup and placing it to the side, the handsome daddy ordered the young man to get up on his desk on all fours. Marcus did as he was told, feeling a little strange about presenting himself like a prize pony. Apprentice Marcus arched his back as instructed, putting his naked body on display for Grandmaster Oaks to enjoy. The older man explored the boy’s chest and stomach, observing the way he trembled in fear. Oaks knew Marcus wasn’t afraid of him, but rather of his own desires. This boy wanted to be touched, to be toyed with, and to be teased, but he wouldn’t dare ask for it outright. He needed Oaks to be the one to call the shots–to command him and take him. Grandmaster Oaks took two fingers and slowly pressed them to Marcus’ lips, feeling their soft, pouty fullness before penetrating deep into his mouth. Marcus wasn’t sure what to do, but he split his lips and took the older man into his mouth, tasting his fingers on his tongue. It was heaven. The older man’s flesh was savory and sweet. It was subtle but powerful in its effect. It drove Marcus wild knowing the Grandmaster was inside him. It made his body come alive and his loins ache with passion. Oaks could see that Marcus needed more than just two fingers inside him, so he ordered Marcus to kneel on the floor before him. The boy obediently got down off the table, knelt down and looked up at his handsome leader. The Grandmaster was stunning; somehow even more attractive than he had been when he first came into the room. Now, looking up at him, Marcus saw his Master–and he would do whatever was asked of him. Oaks slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. Marcus watched like a hungry puppy waiting for a treat. He practically panted in anticipation as the older man pulled down his own underwear, revealing his big, hairy cock. Marcus’ eyes went wide, eager to take it in his mouth and taste it. The Grandmaster paused, observing Marcus, seeing the intense desire painted on his face. It was beautiful. Absolute perfection. Pushing his hips slightly forward, he brought the head of his cock to Marcus’ lips and watched as the boy took it in. Marcus worshipped Grandmaster Oaks’ magnificence. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted that, both anxious and thrilled that he was actually getting it. Breathing through his nose as he swallowed it down, Marcus moaned and lapped at the older man’s meat, caught up in an unexpected rush of feelings and desires. He’d forgotten all about his anxieties and nervousness, his lies and secrets. The truest, purest part of him at that moment was his hunger for the powerful leader… and he was proving it with each bob of his head. The Grandmaster loved watching Marcus swallow him down. He loved how passionately this boy sucked him and wanted to service him. He knew Marcus would make a good apprentice and be a valuable member of the Order. But this hot daddy wasn’t going to end his inspection with just a blowjob. Standing Marcus up, he brought him around to the back of his desk, bending him over so the boy’s elbows supported him on the flat surface. Marcus had only a slight idea of what was to come, having never done this before. He braced himself as Oaks removed his pants and underwear, leaving him bottomless with his swinging cock out. Marcus felt as it pressed up behind him, sneaking between his two smooth cheeks, trying to pry inside his body. The feeling started with a firm pressure on his hole, like a rod trying to break through. The saliva from his sucking gave the hard shaft just enough slickness to puncture his sphincter, giving him a slight sting and a burn as it moved inside. He winced, trying not to disappoint the older man and to show that he could take it. His body shook as he struggled, all the while Grandmaster Oaks whispered, “that’s it. You can do it…” Marcus wasn’t sure what changed in him, but suddenly his body seemed ready to receive his leader. The older man’s cock broke through into Marcus’ hungry hole, prying it apart until Oaks was almost completely engulfed in the boy’s ass. It was epic. Marcus hadn’t felt anything like it. It was a deep feeling of submission and satisfaction that he hadn’t ever known. He wanted more, so much more, and Oaks was happy to give it to him. Thrusting back and forth, the Grandmaster fucked the young apprentice, moving deeper and deeper each time. Marcus’ cock hung hard and long between his legs, bouncing up and down as he held onto the desk for leverage. He tried to keep himself right where the older man wanted him, not wanting to break the momentum of his leader’s pleasure. Oaks didn’t seem to have trouble getting what he needed. He held onto the boy’s hips, feeling that tight hole wrap around his shaft and bring him nearly to the point of climax. He held out as long as he could, but he knew that part of this was for Marcus, not just for him. The boy needed to be inseminated to be accepted into the Order, and the Grandmaster wanted to give the boy a juicy breeding to secure his place